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NOSTE S.A. is a Greek company born from the passion of boasting great tradition fame and experience in architecture, construction project management and real estate, as to guarantee the customer purchases a high quality product through contact with building professionals.


The concept is to create a guaranteed successful investment at a period when the families of North European countries are searching for a holiday-house or even their first home-base, preferably set among olive clad hillsides and long, golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Where The climate is mild with soft winds never exceeding the 3-4 knots and summer lasts 6 months. Where the temperature does not fall below 8 degrees during the winter period and the air humidity is low allowing the inhabitants a good and long-lasting life. All within easy reach from Lefkada-Preveza airport and the important port of Igoumenitsa linked 3-4 times daily with ferries to the Italian ports.

   In our rediscovery of old and genuine architectural traditions it has been our quest to offer our buyers the possibility of creating an oasis away from the stress of city life, immersed in unspoiled nature-a place where they can enjoy a life-style of open air sports, culture and art, while discovering the typical tradition of Greece's age-old history. Stone, wood and tile are the natural materials used in what we may define as the eco-architecture of yesteryear.

Company Annual Balance Sheets

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